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Established in 1918, Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. has grown into Japan's largest and most progressive manufacturer of Decorative, Automotive, Industrial, Protective and Marine Coatings. Today, the company enjoys a well-established position as one of the world's top ten paint manufacturers. Our coatings business serves our customers across a wide range of industries and applications, including automotive manufacturing, automotive refinishing, construction, shipping and various others. The concept of continuously working to solve our customers' coatings related problems represents the very foundation of Kansai Paint, and through these efforts, we are working to, build upon a track record of operational excellence and contribute widely to society.

Kansai Paint Pakistan

Over the past 100 years, Kansai Paint Japan has secured a rank amongst the top ten paint manufacturers in the world. Based on corporate values revolving around serenity, responsibility and innovation, we have been involved in creating safe, healthy and comfortable living spaces across the globe. In Pakistan, we are proud to be a significant contributor to t he industry by being the largest automotive coatings manufacturer and by participating in the development of the nation by providing innovative coating solutions for color, protection, and energy conservation to the industrial, infrastructural, and architectural segments.

Agha Zafar Abbas

CEO & CHAIRMAN Kansai Paint Pakistan
COO Kansai Paint Middle East

As the CEO of Kansai Paint Pakistan, I would like to thank our many clients for their loyalty and support. I believe that no business can grow because of their products alone: customer trust, an excellent team and good corporate values play an undeniable role in a company’s success and evolution. Kansai Paint Pakistan’s core values of respect and transparency have been derived from our Japanese heritage and have been diligently adopted by our team. These values can be witnessed in the company’s performance as it becomes a leading corporate brand and gains the trust of clients around the country.

Due to our belief in quality, hardwork and integrity, we have emerged as the undisputed market leader in the automotive paints industry in Pakistan. I am happy to note that the unique range of paints and coating solutions that Kansai Paint Pakistan offers has introduced a new trend in the consumer market. Traditionally, the understanding of paint in Pakistan was limited to its utility only as a decorative product. Kansai has taken the initiative to educate customers and raise their awareness on the functionality and properties of paints. We firmly believe in the customer’s right to information that will help them make informed choices. This initiative has earned us respect amongst our clientele, as well as given us a reputation of being a provider of solutions and peace of mind, rather than just paints.

Currently, I see us emerging as a market leader in supplying a wide range of industrial coating solutions in Pakistan. This is an exciting opportunity for us as this is the first time that such solutions are being used in the country. I know that it takes a great deal of trust and respect for any business to function and excel in the course of establishing a market, and it is even more vital when it comes to a foreign corporate entity entering a new market.

Kansai Paint aims to continue delivering quality products and solutions to the citizens of Pakistan.

I thank our partners, our team and our clients for their continued support as we grow and evolve.

100 Years of Kansai

Kansai Paints was founded in 1918 by Katsujiro Iwai, and its first plant was based along the banks of Kanzaki River, a major port of export and an area of paint consumption. In its 100 years of history, the firm has grown from a tiny paint manufacturer into a global company based on three pillars; automobiles, construction, and industry. Kansai oers a broad range of coating solutions to various segments and markets and it divides its business into Automotive, Industrial, Decorative, Marine and Protective segments. In reaching its 100th year milestone, Kansai has demonstrated resilience through the World War II years when its factories were burned down during the air raids. With teamwork and entrepreneurial mindset, Kansai achieved significant progress through innovation, development of new technology and globalisation along with overseas expansion of domestic Japanese automobile manufacturers. Today, it is the leading supplier of automotive coatings to automotive manufacturers worldwide. The company’s mission statement is to “leverage superior technology to contribute to our Customers and Society, in a sustainable manner, with innovative Products and Services, through a competent workforce, built on a culture of Customer Focus, Integrity and Respect to our Stakeholders” and we believe that Pakistan has an important role to play in achieving our collective mission.

To become a trusted paint manufacturer crossing national boundaries, Kansai Paints has established joint ventures in Europe, US, Southeast Asia, India and China and other emerging markets. In Pakistan, Kansai embodies founder Katsujiro Iwai’s valued spirit of “leading through virtue rather than speech”, and has introduced world class coating solutions to local market and in turn opened new avenues for global investment in the country. Kansai has made significant contribution to regional development projects, especially in projects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC).

Our Values

Credibility and Trustworthiness:

Building credibility in relationships would enable our stakeholders to trust us, both – individually and in teams to deliver effective value against all promises made.


Keeping respect as a priority would enable us to develop an environment that promotes humility and preaches tolerance towards diversity of ideologies, people, beliefs and system.

Stakeholders’ Interest:

Safeguarding their interest would enable our stakeholders to see us as partners in group and development, thereby establishing a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship.

Final Site Inspection:

An on-site inspection is scheduled with all parties involved. Project handover is done only when all parties are satisfied.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

Creating a conductive environment for innovation and invention would enable us to reach new heights and unlock new value In our employees,

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