Kansai Services

When it comes to protecting assets and saving lives Kansai holds the answer with Kansai Services. A total service solution with a unique approach of delivering cost-effective and customized solutions to meet your project requirements. Qualified teams, equipped with the latest high-end application and state-of-the-art inspection equipment makes Kansai Services a very efficient and reliable choice for you. Since its inception the Kansai Services team have had ZERO onsite safety accidents, while operating in 9 global markets.

When it comes to enhancing property value and pre-structures, The Kansai Way is the only way to go. The Kansai Way embodies Japan’s spirit and promise of delivering cost effective and customized solutions to meet your project requirements on time, backed by over 100 years of experience. Our partnership with you begins with providing expert specification support and continues throughout the entire project cycle until the final quality assurance is complete. Our superior product quality and maintenance program guarantees additional peace of mind for years to come.

Total Service Solution

Specification Support:

Customized coatings specification support for the project from early design stage to execution.

Color & Design Support:

Our architectural consultants and interior designers attend to customers color and design requirements.

Paint Application & Site Visits:

Professionally trained in-house applicators, provide superior service. Supervisors conduct site visits to track the project process and compile comprehensive site reports.

Final Site Inspection:

An on-site inspection is scheduled with all parties involved. Project handover is done only when all parties are satisfied.

Quality Assurance:

Kansai ensures that its clients receive the best quality possible by implementing strict quality control measures throughout the production and application procedure.

360° Maintenance Program:

A maintenance schedule is provided with requirements if and where applicable/ as per the clients request.

Equipment and Technology:

The only in house application team amongst the paint manufacturers of Pakistan, Kansai services is equipped with the latest application and coating inspection equipment. Kansai’s global partnerships and collaborations with world renowned companies give us a unique edge over the competition. Using specialized equipment of Graco, Ral, Zehntner and Elcometer and surface preparation techniques such as dustless blasting we provide our customers with additional peace of mind that their projects will be completed on time and will require less frequent maintenance in the future.