Application Services Department

We are the only company to offer end to end paint application services in Pakistan. The skilled team comprising of more than 30 trained painters, Helpers and certified raggers, Civil and mechanical engineers, Quality assurance specialists and health & safety experts together contribute in delivering unparalleled service experience to the clients.

The applied techniques and the expertise involved in handling the variety of sophisticated machines owned by Kansai Pakistan adds value to the overall customer’s satisfaction.

Kansai’s value addition – Application Equipment exclusively owned and operated by Kansai Services Team

Elco Meter Introduction

For more than sixty five years Elcometer has been a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inspection equipment to the coatings, concrete and metal detection industry.

The range of products are specifically developed to meet the needs of the coating industry worldwide, Elcometer is well positioned to provide you with the solution to your inspection requirements – whatever and wherever they might be.

With manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA and Belgium Elcometer has grown into a global network with representation in over 70 Countries.

Kansai Paint is the official exclusive distributor of Elcometer throughout Pakistan, responsible for the provision of sales and after-sales service of the complete product range of Elcometer i.e coating inspection, physical test, ultrasonic inspection and concrete inspection product.


Data management software can link with gauges to produce professional reports

Generate .pdf reports combining all your inspection data and share via email or cloud at the click of a button

Measurements can be displayed on an image/drawing & charts

Add photos & notes to reports

All gauges are provided with a warranty period of 365 days (warranty extension up to 2 years is also available on selected items)

All Elcometer products are designed to comply with a wide range of National and International Standards

Kansai’s exclusive distribution offering
inspection equipment:

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