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April 11, 2019
DTM – Surface Tolerant Epoxy
April 11, 2019
17-32 Metal Protection Systems
9100 System DTM Epoxy Mastic

9100 System DTM Epoxy Mastic

Rust-Oleum, USA

A two-component, high solids epoxy coating for use in moderate to severe environments.

It is specifically designed for application directly on sound rusted steel with minimum

surface preparation.

  • Direct-to-metal
  • Self-priming formula
  • Excellent resistance – chemicals, abrasions, impact and solvent
  • Meet incidental food contact requirements

Typical Applications:

It can be used on clean and sound rusted steel, concrete (including concrete floors),

previously coated and slightly damp surfaces. It may also be used for water immersion

service. Chemical plants, steel structures, pretreated buildings, pipes etc.

Substrate: Concrete / Metal

Type of Product: Primer / Top Coat

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