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April 11, 2019
Acrylic Co-polymer Waterproofing
April 11, 2019
17-32 Metal Protection Systems

585 – Armor Flex


Is a moisture cure, fluid applied, high solids, silicone coating. It creates a shield of protection over your roof with Pond-Proof™ Technology and cutting edge performance. Engineered with “Green” solvent-free polymers, Armor Flex™ White outperforms traditional solvent and solvent-free products. Specially formulated to help reduce cooling costs, heat gain, carbon emissions and health hazards associated with these emissions.


  • Ultra strong and resilient protection from the weather
  • Helps lower utility bills, energy costs & carbon emissions
  • Extends roof life and saves money on roof maintenance costs
  • Pond-Proof® technology for standing water protection
  • Promotes healthier air quality and environment

Typical Applications:

Concrete, Metal, Masonry Roofs

Substrate: Concrete / Masonry / Metal

Type of Product: Top Coat – cool roof / waterproofing

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