Engineering Coatings

Functional coating solutions geared towards protecting structural integrity and preventing loss of lives.

Kansai Paints Pakistan provides functional coating solutions to a wide array of industries in the country. Our products meet the highest standards of abrasion and corrosion resistance and weatherability. We invest heavily in R&D and work with global partners to develop environmentally conscious products and solutions which have low toxicity and require less frequent maintenance. Other benefits offered by our products include water resistance, quick application, fast drying and perfect finish. We proudly serve, Power, Oil & Gas, Cement, Paper, FMCG and Chemical Industries in Pakistan. Our extensive range of proactive fire retardant coatings, for example, have served quite well in the coal, power and energy sectors.

Metal Protection Solutions

High performance functional coatings that protect metal surfaces from moderate to severe environmental and industrial conditions including high temperatures, corrosion and chemical exposure.

Concrete Protection Solutions

Range of floor and wall protection coatings for a number of uses ranging from epoxy to Polyurethane flooring. The properties of the surface can be changed from addition of adhesive properties to water and corrosion resistance. The surface also becomes resistant to chemical damage.

Fire Protection Solutions

Kansai Paint is at the vanguard when it comes to developing coatings and building partnerships to provide customers with unique solutions for troublesome problems. Fire is one of those problems, for which Kansai offers world-class intumescent coatings to protect steel, wood, concrete and cables.

Water Proofing and Roof Protection Solutions

This solution prevents water seepage into a variety of different substrates and is therefore a vital component when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of any building. The coating also wards off the effects of weathering and cools down the temperature of the roof.

Wood Protection Solutions

These especially engineered solutions protect wooden surfaces by giving them resistance to stains from everyday spillage. By sealing the pores in the wooden surface, these coatings make the surface water resistant and scratch proof.

Construction Chemical Solutions

A complete range of construction chemicals consisting of admixtures, repair mortars, grouts, flooring and waterproofing. These components are especially devised for use during the construction process and are essential in the construction industry, playing a crucial role in residential, industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects.

Maintenance Specialty

The Maintenance Specialty portfolio consists of a number of specialized aerosol products with unique functional benefits that play a vital role during the maintenance of industrial buildings and equipments. These products help reduce downtime, unanticipated shutdowns and maintenance cost.

Traffic Safety Solutions

With a vision of making roads safer, for today and tomorrow. Kansai has raised the bar on visibility and durability in road markings for a modern Pakistan. Our product range includes pavement markings, road studs, glass beads, signs, dividers, reflectors and an in-house application team to ensure a one-window solution for all Kansai customers.

Coating Inspection Equipment

Elcometer is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inspection equipment to the coating, concrete and metal detection industry. With a range of products specifically developed to meet the needs of the industry.