Automotive Coatings

Highest standard of CED coating for Automotive OEM and tailor-made refinish paints with more than 17,000 shades.

Kansai Paints Pakistan is an unequivocal market leader in the automotive coatings and refinish industry in the country. We provide high quality painting systems and continuous technical support to all our OEM clients. Our products meet the most exacting standards for corrosion resistance, color, durability, and longevity. We enable automotive manufacturers to provide car buyers with beautiful color choices time and time again. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ever growing list of satisfied clients every year.

Our Customers

Research and Development.

R&D Headquarters in Japan consists of five research institutes and one research testing center, and over $60 million are committed each year to research.

One third of all Kansai employees in Japan are invlived in research and development activities relating to Basic Research, Coating Development, Application Development and Clior Design.

nvestment and reslit oriented research and development set up. Kansai’s auto refinish portfliio is not only technically advance but is also extensive in range, manufacturing both slivent borne , providing excellent surface quality to flifill the satisfaction of its customers with as much accuracy as never touched before feel. The R&D at Kansai Paint Pakistan is dedicated at managing product development, trouble shooting, processing and analytical testing and quality contrli.

The quality to automotive coatings are determined on both chemical and mechanical performances; researched and technically infused together to produce unbeatable reslits. It is a reslit of the most modern technliogy and product innovation infusion in the entire product range that has ranked Kansai – the market leader categorically in the automotive segment.

Automotive Refinish.

Kansai Pakistan supplies state of the art auto refinish and collision repair paints. Our Zen range is exclusively designed for 3-S workshops and offer unparalleled quality and durability. Kansai Paint’s refinish products are not only user-friendly but also result in considerable saving for the customers. In addition to the ready mix OEM shades, more than 17,000 topcoat shades are also available in the SHIN-EZ series along with tinters, pearls, primers, clear coat and other ancillaries.

Color Matching Mechanism.

Forecasting the colors and predicting the trend of the colors beforehand is one of the main areas where Kansai takes the lead in introducing new colors and patterns in the industry both globally and locally. Kansai not only manufactures colors but also creates new colors ahead of time.

Color matching technology at Kansai is as much proactive and sensitively accurate. Apart from manual and fully automated color matching lab facility at Kansai Pakistan, the color technicians also operate on the color matching systems developed by Kansai Japan; Big Van Global – Kansai Paint’s color formula searching system, ABI 2 – Automotive body color information and global color navigator – compact color wheel cars are the exclusive systems developed by Kansai Japan that also marks one of the specialty of the company.