Architectural Paints

Innovative coating solutions that go beyond esthetics.

At Kansai Paint, we believe in the power of color and the importance of paint in making any space look visually stunning. Our wide array of innovative products and solutions provide excellent coverage, stain and scratch resistance and superior finish to any surface. Going beyond just coloring a surface, we also offer additional benefits, such as anti-rust, odor winching, mold and fungus resistance and antimicrobial properties across the range of our products. We understand that interiors and exteriors aren’t just about walls and so our high performance coatings include wood and metal protection solutions. To make the application of our products convenient and to increase their longevity, wall putty, primers and surface varnishes are included in our architectural product range. Our aim is to make our customer’s design journey fun and easy.

Wall Protection Solutions,
Interior and Exterior

A variety of water based and plastic emulsions to protect the walls against weather, strains and can even give them anti-fungal properties. The smooth finishing and low VOC makes these paint the ideal solution for interior and exterior walls.

Wall Preparation Solutions

Acrylic Wall Putties are the foundation for all decorative paints. They offer smooth finishes and fills all the cracks on the applied surface. Water based or oil based Primers and Sealers provide excellent bonding agent between the surface and top coat.

Wood Protection Solutions

These especially engineered solutions protect wooden surfaces by giving them resistance to stains from everyday spillage. By sealing the pores in the wooden surface, these coatings make the surface water resistance and scratch proof.

Flooring Solutions

A collection of solutions for your flooring needs, be it a wooden floor that requires a varnish or stair case that requires anti-slip properties, Kansai has you covered.

Metal Protection Solutions

With their anti-corrosive properties and requiring little maintenance, our range of metal protection solutions provide the perfect protection to interior and exterior metal surfaces from moderate environmental conditions.

Waterproofing and
Roof Protection Solutions

This solution prevents water seepage into a variety of different substrates and is therefore a vital component when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of any building. The coating also wards off the effects of weathering and cools down the temperature of the roof.

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Essential Tools

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