Corrosion & Paint Technology

Kansai Paint offers pre-paint as well as its range of premium paint products, our guides and tips can help you to get the best results from our products be it an interior paint job or exterior with the material being wood or metal. Our guide covers all kind of paint jobs.

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Principles of Corrosion The Process of Electrochemical Corrosion, Galvanic Corrosion, Chemical Corrosion, Bacterial Corrosion Link
Design Principles for Corrosion Prevention Structural Steel Shapes, Welded Joints and Brackets, Other Weld Methods, Pipeline Design, Dissimilar Metals Link
Protective Paint Coatings for Corrosion Prevention Coating Types, Contamination, Summary Link
Coatings, Composition and Characteristics Link
Surface Preparation Materials, Methods & Other Substrates(Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Fibreglass, Concrete) Link
Priming Types of Primers for Steel, Wet Steel Primers, Primers for Galvanised Iron, Primers for Aluminum, Primers for Concrete, Masonry & Timber Link
Application Atmospheric Conditions, Wind, Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point, Application Methods Link
Supervision and Inspection Inspection, Preliminary Organisation, Supervision (Material Consumption, Pinholes, Recoating etc.) Link
Health, Safety and Storage 9.1 The Hazards, Precaution Statements, Handling Procedures, Fire Precautions, Spillage, Waste Disposal, First Aid Link
Use of Colour Critical Colours, Non-Critical Colours, Reflective Control, Decoration Link