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Kansai Paint is a major supplier serving the electronics and electrical industry in the region that requires high-end coating applications. We have plastic and metal coatings that are applicable for an extensive range of consumer electronic products, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery and building exteriors. Our high performance coating systems meet the needs of industries, ensuring protection and care , while matching with environmental regulations and designer expectations.
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Kansai's comprehensive product range is extensively used for the interiors and exteriors of residences, office buildings, factories and commercial buildings. Besides having a diverse range of colors and textures, Kansai products are also environmentally friendly owing to their water-based and high-solid paint technology. Kansai Paint is also a pioneer in developing special-effect and functional products that are durable, protective and aesthetically appealing.
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Kansai Paint has been a major Supplier of automotive OEM coatings and refinish coatings for global car industry for more than 60 years. Kansai Paint has the know-how and technology and produces a broad spectrum of easy-to-apply, quick-drying paints that give lasting protection and better finish.
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