Management philosophy

Our corporate mission is to contribute to society by providing eco-friendly and value-added coating materials and services that satisfy our customers.

To realize new innovations in coating materials, we have defined our philosophy so that our employees are eager to undertake new challenges, and so that we can combine our wisdom and knowledge to create future products. We aim to use our products and services to make continuous contributions to society.


Synchronizing business and environmental conservation, the company promotes its worldwide activities by developing high quality, high performance, and low-cost coating products with new functionality, and aims to be the leading, most trusted company in the world. Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. and its Group companies have defined basic activity guidelines based on our corporate mission.

Basic activity guidelines (Established January 2001)

  1. We shall conduct all phases of our business operations while adhering to high ethical standards, will comply with laws and social norms, and will engage in fair and transparent business activities to win the trust of societies throughout the world.

  2. We shall respect the cultures of each country and region, observe local customs for better coexistence with such societies, and will use our business operations to contribute to the development of these societies.

  3. We shall actively and voluntarily get involved in environmental conservation while we manufacture and provide eco-friendly products.

  4. We shall develop and provide products and services based on the principle of “customer first”, with the goal of satisfying our customers.

  5. We shall respect each employee’s individuality and create a workplace environment that nurtures the spirits of challenge and teamwork.

  6. We shall respond to the expectations of our customers, employees, and shareholders by sustaining the continuous growth of our global business operations.

Corporate governance organization (As of June 2011)

This internal control organization
assures healthy business
administration and audits.

The Kansai Paint concept of corporate social responsibility

   ·Kansai Paint Stakeholders
Kansai Paint Stakeholders

Building on a foundation of sustained growth through sound business activities, we are working to realize our corporate social responsibilities with a strong sense of awareness of compliance and risk management, and through product creation and activities that emphasize environmental preservation.Contributions to Society

Compliance promotion

Kansai Paint strives to comply with laws and regulations, and to fulfill the company’s social responsibilities. To that end, the company has set forth guidelines by defining a Code of Ethics, a Code of Conduct, and a Code of Behavior so that it can carry out appropriate business operations based on the corporate spirit of “Profit and Fairness”.

We have also installed a Corporate Governance Committee, which is headed by the President of Kansai Paint, in order to make all employees of Kansai Paint and our Group companies fully aware of our ethical standards.

We offer a wide variety of compliance activities, including educational training for all levels of employees, from new hires through to company directors, installing hotlines, and disseminating information through company bulletins. In the event that an issue of non-compliance occurs, this issue will immediately be brought to the attention of the relevant departments through notification and discussion. Accurate information shall be disclosed and corrective measures applied.

During fiscal 2010, one of our affiliated companies had a compliance issue with regard to the labeling displayed on a product and they responded by implementing rapid corrective measures as well as conducting a review of their internal corporate rules, in order to ensure that the issue could not reoccur in perpetuity.

Risk management

The Corporate Governance Committee led by the President was established with the purpose of proactively taking measures against critical risks that may affect company operations. Furthermore, the “Risk Management Guidelines” and the “Risk Management Manual” were put together in order to describe actions to be taken against risks that could be foreseen. Additionally, the “Action Manual” was prepared to counteract risks closely related to our operations and regardless of whether said risk is located in Japan or overseas, the company needs a system to facilitate rapid access to information related to every type of risk and to implement appropriate countermeasures based on an accurate grasp of the situation. The company ensures that the operations of the risk management organization are well controlled and maintained.

In fiscal 2010, as with previous years, we have remained aware of the effect of natural disasters such as earthquakes, etc. both in Japan and overseas, as well as maintaining a grasp of political unrest overseas, thanks to our internal corporate communication network.

We will also consider the preparation of a business continuity plan (BCP) in order to quickly respond to risks, so that we can minimize the risks to our customers.

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